Here you will find frequently asked questions for garage doors with helpful answers and solutions.

Is a new garage door a worthwhile investment?

 A new garage door is a great investment, increasing your home’s curb appeal and overall property value.

How should I prepare for a new garage door installation?

Make sure you have adequate space for your new garage door by measuring the frame for the correct dimensions (or contact us for a free estimate). Purchasing a garage door without taking this important first step can hold up the process.

How often should I maintain my garage door after having it installed?

Refer to the instruction manual associated with your garage door, but a monthly visual inspection of the garage door is recommended. Anything beyond a visual inspection that you do not feel comfortable performing, please contact a service technician.

My garage door is malfunctioning, but it seems like an easy fix. Can I do it myself?

No matter how easy of a fix it may seem, repairing a garage door yourself is not recommended. There are intricate parts that go overlooked, and this could cause potentially severe harm. Contact a qualified technician.

What are common problems that require garage door repair?

No matter how well you maintain your garage door, broken springs are unavoidable. They do most of the work, and eventually the wear and tear they experience will cause them to give out. This is an issue you will want to let a professional handle.